Situation on Microsoft repairing the 360?

    i just wanted to know what microsoft are doing bout repairin xbox360's that we send?

    do they pay to repair it or do they pay to repair a certain manufacturer year for the console? cause my console was made in 2005.

    i tryd ringin & waitin for ages but couldnt get through to them.

    just wonderd if u guys out there know any info bout this stuff or how id get in contact with them, etc.

    i found this though.…825

    dunno whether this can be done though. cheers if anyone can help.


    Honestly... what?
    Why would they pay to repair it?

    If your 360 is broken, under SOGA it had to be fit for purpose, and last a reasonable length of time. MS have confirmed they had problems with the initial run, and thus will repair pre 06 models out of warranty without charge (which it is likely they would have to do anyway).
    If its broken, read the manual, call the number.


    You have to ring them up, wait til you get through then speak to them give them your details etc. Then they email you a UPS shipping label and details what to do, and to phone them and they collect it...

    Then they send a refurbished/repaired one back to you.

    Has to be within one year warranty, microsoft withdrew that statement on link before... you will probably have to pay for it

    If it was bought in the UK it's the UK number you call, they have to fix it free of charge. No warranty extention on a repair, but if it is replaced then there should be (mark it with an indelible ink somewhere subtle n see if you get yours back.. I seriously doubt it).

    Apparently customers have found an extra heat sink in the latest consoles to be repaired. Nice to hear that MS are still repairing pre-06 consoles as I always worry that mine will break

    when did you buy it?


    i foned them up & they said i will have to pay £85 :-(can anyone … i foned them up & they said i will have to pay £85 :-(can anyone recommend anywhere else to get my xbox 360 fixed at all?

    Cant you buy a new one (just the console) for nearly that much


    i foned them up & they said i will have to pay £85 :-(

    They should repair it regardless, Just say you know there was a fault with pre 2006 consoles and it is down to them to repair.
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