Six baby cough medicines taken off shelves - Mums Dads & Carers Check

    Link in post below.


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    check your cupboards for these as you may want to dispose of them.

    I must point out, there is nothing wrong with the medicines and anyone using them correctly need not worry.


    waterloo isnt even on this thread:?

    I heard these will still be availible over the counter at pharmacies. Absolutley nothing wrong with using these when used responsibly.

    Yeah, its the same with the no alcohol during pregnancy even though NICE say this new guide line is based on no new evidence whatsoever. Go figure.


    waterloo isnt even on this thread:?

    pcfairs has...issues

    ]Posting history

    ROFL at your post thesaint, the way that comes across hehe


    lmao, pcfairs i have issues too, but think you need to get a grip and i will too

    What are these issues, it sounds fun!

    rabbit stew anyone?
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