Six Degrees Game

As a mark of respect for the late Mr Jackson lets try to connect him to Kevin Bacon.

RULES all posters must only post ONE name with the reason for the connection.

Michael Jackson was friends with Macaulay Culkin who was....


in Uncle Buck with John Candy. John Candy was . . .

stwin planes trains and automobiles with steve martin

steve martin was in

the three amigoes with ...

Original Poster


the three amigoes with ...

You need to name some one:whistling::whistling:

steve martin was in novocaine and kevin bacon had a small appearance in it !!

that's rapC


Available on DVD

Who's in it? Lynne Thigpen , Kevin Bacon , Steve Martin , Scott Caan , Laura Dern , Helena Bonham Carter
What's it about? In this edgy and unpredictable comedy Steve Martin plays a prosperous, engaged (to Laura Dern)dentist who finds himself a murder suspect after a sexy patient (Helena Bonham Carter)seduces him into prescribing her drugs. The dental specialist soon discovers the world of sex, drugs and murder. It all spins out of control for this ordinary man. [COLOR="Black"]Novocaine also stars Kevin Bacon [/COLOR]and Scott Caan and marks the feature directorial debut of writer David Atkins.

Original Poster

Nice one guys 4 degrees:thumbsup::thumbsup: Patchy pick then next one if you will.

MJ was married to Lisa Marie Pressley who was....
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