Size D and E Jiffy Bags

    As Title Says ^^

    Looking for the best place to get Size D and E Jiffy bags (best size for games / dvds)

    Looking to buy 20 (BULK BUY)




    the post office ? or WhSmith

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    they charge quite a bit - i am after bulk! sorry i will edit title

    How many is "Bulk"?

    +1 to titchimp i'd class 10 as bulk..

    poundland or the 99p shop

    they do packs of them


    ive seen packs of them in poundland.. much cheaper than anywhere else as obviously only £1 a pack.
    I was looking at them a while ago for selling on ebay as the post office ones are a rip off.
    Not sure how many was in though, sorry.

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    thanks for the info - i would be looking around 20 i have alot of games/dvd's i want to sell

    poundshop is 5 for a pound ofc.

    Not sure how many you mean by bulk, but...

    Quite often 6 DVD sized for a quid in the poundshops.

    Another option is Wilkinsons do 4 for about 77p.

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    well that seems reasonable 20 for £4 thanks t0mm

    ;-) 10 for 99p in the 99p store or failing that try; COVERS 33 for large bulk purchase

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    even better at the 99p store! thanks Mr Weasle


    even better at the 99p store! thanks Mr Weasle

    :thumbsup:no probs..i use them all the time for my e-bay sales..good luck
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