Sizzle and Stir: Thai Green Curry

    Hellooo does anyone know where I can still buy Sizzle and Stir Thai Green Curry - I'm under the impression it's recenty been discontinued, but seems to be only available off the internet (which is fine except it comes with a £7 delivery charge..)

    I have looked in my local sainsburys and tesco but to no avail

    If you have spotted any recently please let me know where, i would be super grateful!



    im sure i saw something like this in asda, well it was deffo sizzle and stir but dont know what flavour, soz

    £2.49 for a bottle of Chicken Tonight Sizzle & Stir Thai Green Curry Sauce (455g)
    delivery UK: £3
    total £5.49

    is this it?

    did a test purchase (screen grab attached here)


    if its discontinued dont they then end up in places like the pound shop , homebargains and places like that, worth a try, or even email knorr (is it knorr) lol

    netto had them (i think)

    I can still get it from tesco's online Northampton

    saw them in farmfoods last week

    have you tried Chinese supermarkets like Matthews and Chung Yings?

    Original Poster

    thank you to all of you who posted your suggestions, i shall try them out now and let you know! thanks

    i'll sort you out but mines genuine green curry paste not this **** off the shelf
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