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My Son would like a skateboard for his 12th Birthday. Not a mini one as he has one of them. Should I spend a lot on one or are cheaper ones as good. I have no idea about skateboards! Recommendations please x
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I wouldn't spend over £40 on his first board, I would see if he maintains interest in it before spending any more than that. There are plenty of crap boards and expensive ridiculously quick/dangerous ones available so you need to buy the right one. I recommend this place to start with:…asc

but would actually recommend going into one of their shop's or emailing/phoning to check what bearings the board you like comes with. The faster the bearings the more dangerous it is. Abec 3 to 5s are fast enough bearings to start with. The higher the number the faster they are, Abec 9s would in my opinion be risky.

Good luck
Spend as much again on protective gear...helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads. It doesn't matter how good he is, he's not as good as he thinks he is! Worrying times ahead for you.
Oh was going to say Penny one.
+1 for Route One
we bought this one a few months back, great board for the money.

MAGIC UNION 31 Inch Maple Deck Skateboard Double-Kick Cruiser Longboard…925
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