Skateboards with Wings - anyone remember them??

Found 18th May 2010
Having a conversation at work about skateboards that had wings on them - these are from the late 80's possible very early 90's
they were the large sized skateboards not the slim ones we know of now..
Can't seem to find any photo's on the net to prove i didn't make the whole thing up.. someone pleeeeeease help me !
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Paddy Charlie;8633969

I remember those, they were awesome

in the words of my mate..

WTF is that ... lmao.. rep for you

Yeah see 1st post I edited it with a link

Paddy Charlie;8633969

I remember those, they were awesomehttp://www.poolsnpipes.com/Museum.htm

They were called Skate Wings or something simular

[image missing]

yeah thanks i had one but couldn't remember their name or find a pic.. my mate is laughing his c**k off....

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