Ski gear

    Hi all, off skiing and need a few items of clothing

    i've already got a jacket and goggles, i just need the rest!
    salopettes, gloves, and maybe even thermal clothing for underneath.

    help would be appreicated, i dont know where to look! google is infested with web pages for this and all of it is too expensive!


    TK Maxx has loads of cheap skiwear!

    I would second Chunky's recommendation - TK Maxx. One problem of buying skigear online is you don't get any idea of the weight or quality and to some degree size of the stuff till it's been delivered.
    M and M direct is worth a try online.

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    Tk Maxx it is, got one in town center. damn woulda gone today but bit too late now

    [url][/url] is good

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    theyv got a decent price for a thermal set so i might go for that. dont know anything about the make of the stuff they sell so couldnt tell if its quality, although im not too fussed about that

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    went to tk maxx, so glad i went because its true ud never be able to tell the difference on a website. i paid a normal price (£30, reduced from £80) for a decent pair of salopettes, but probably much better than a £30 pair from the internet! and they had loads of jackets, scarfs hats and gloves to choose from

    where are you max stuff is fine if your doing "tourist" sking in france or something....but im a scottish fan, and go off piste, and climb too......if thats the'll be wanting to save up some serious cash... gore tex all round !

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    yer erm no im not good enough for quality, definately need cheap to start off with

    thats fine max will do the job. where i live there is a ski sale every year in a school hall.....all second hand can kit out for £100 - clothes, boots, and ski's.....its great for begginners - and pro's too - lots of last seasons race kit sells there........anyway, this isnt helping you.

    In my opinion, most important things are socks, gloves, and goggles.......socks are 100% the most tight, and your legs will go to sleep...they need to be "tubes" and wrinkle free....preferibly wool...

    Gloves...2 part gloves are good, i.e a waterproof outer, with a fleece inner.

    Googles...these will be your best friend...too sunny, GOGGLES, too cold GOGGLES, too windy GOGGLES, misty GOGGLES, snowing getting the idea......…de/

    these are decent enough for you !
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