Skin cancer man thanks 'stranger'

    lucky guy!!!

    A Nottinghamshire man has been reunited with a surgeon he met in a fish and chip shop queue who saved his sight.

    John Burns, 66, from West Bridgford in Nottingham, ignored a lump near his eye for months until a stranger in a queue advised him to get it checked out.

    He went to hospital and had a golf ball-sized tumour removed. Doctors said it could have damaged his sight.


    Not exactly skin cancer though... More like eye-tumour.

    Matt Smith said: "I've been doing plastic surgery for over 10 years so I instantly recognised it as a skin cancer..."

    I like this story, good ending for a change, am just really fed up with all the doom and gloom just now

    agree happy ending for a change gl to him and guy that spotted it


    Not exactly skin cancer though... More like eye-tumour.

    It is a skin cancer, squamous cell type. Creeps into the eye cells, Bit like another type of skin cancer melanomas, that can be very hard to treat and can be fatal if not caught soon enough.

    Funny part was the photo with another Dr.....why didn't the other Dr say - I did not see you in a chip shop? How embarrassing
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