Posted 8th May 2021
hello so with the cold weather and my job and washing up at home, my hands very dry and I been using vaseline advance moisturiser

I also use gloves at work and it's all good

and it seem to keep it under control, hands dry but not major

but now everytime I been cooking so raw food, wash hands, wash pots, etc season it, I use gloves but course little bubbles get on you, now I been using Morrisons and Aldi brand , which used to cause dry hands but don't seem to bad as I stopped using fairy then I ran out and got big bottle of fairy and I am sure since then on my left hand in betweens two fingers right burning flare up, just area mostly effect and I do use Washing up gloves but you no the odd item and bubbles on , I thought fairy be more better than aldli washing up liquid, but again Sure when it gotten worse,

so do ppl have any recommendations of skin friendly washing up liquid so I can eliminate it

many thanks
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