skittles shots

    i was just wondering if anyone new of the best way to make those skittle vodka shots?i have read various ones, but still clueless??? lots say separate and make different colors, but the ones i had recently were a mix i think. so if anyone could help that would be great. rep added x


    if you buy a good few bags you can seperate them for different coloured shots or just fire a bag in the bottle for the lovely brown coloured wreck the hoose juice.

    Get a bottle of vodka, about 6 packs of skittles, pick out all the green skittles (- as these make it go a awful brown colour and very sour) and empty the rest into the vodka. keep it in the fridge and shake every couple of hours for approx 12 hours.

    Filter the vodka (keep the skittles and eat them!)

    I made some for my hen night - see below, it down a treat!

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    thanks guys, that looks cool lol. how much vodka do you need to use?and you mean 6 normal packets of skittles? also can you tell me how to add rep please as im not getting on too well with the changes lol(got im so old lol)


    hows the taste

    it tastes like skittles!

    i used a normal bottle of vodka, 70cl is it? and yes 6 normal packets of skittles - or i suppose you could use one of them big packets?

    I will definatley be making some more when this baby is born!

    I have no idea how to leave rep anymore cant help you there. x

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    lol ok thank you very much as soon as i find out how to do it it will be left, thanks again xx
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