Found 12th Jan 2009
i have been with sky for 14 years,always on top package and want to upgrade to sky plus,hd is no good cos our tv isnt hd ready. really want a good deal as i feel we dserve it after all these years. already got phone and broadand with them.
anybody got any tips on how to get a good deal???

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threaten to quit, then wait for the offers to roll in to keep you.

Good deal from Sky? Good Luck! unless your a new customer.

Its just a case of being patient, and keep looking for a deal, keep phoning and bugging them.

The whole threatening to leave is a very worn bluff, and you may find yourself without sky.

In all honesty the BEST option is to leave completely and then come back after a month or two then you will get the best offers.

whats the best deal fo new customers im wanting sports n movies
but object to paying over the odds

hey u could always leave em then get ur other half to set it up as a new customer (if u ave another half that could work)

Sky know that customers that have their phone and broadband along with their TV package rarely leave because it is too much of a faff, so you are unlikely to get anything from them.

Wait till a crackin deal comes out then cancel and then sign up as a new customer in your other half's name (assuming you have another half). Worked for me. I got HD for £50 or £99 (can't remember) and half price full package for 12 months. It's brill.

I did the same as Bigred01 - cancelled & got my wife to sign up as a new customer. I also used Quidco & got back the installation price & some more besides!

Contact them, tell them what you want and then hear what they have to say, if you are happy with the deal they offer then great, if not then cancel.
The thing about cancelling is you need to be prepared to cancel and go through with it, otherwise its just a waste of time and they will know you not serious.
So be sure you know what you want and that its fair and reasonable to expect this in view of your tenure with them.
Good Luck.

don't bother phoning to cancel, phone in and ask to be switched to the basic package, whenever I've done that I've been offered a deal. That way you don't have to cancel, just maybe live with out movies for a month if they don't play nice.

are you actually paying for your phone and broadband with them as they have recently done an advert which says its all free for sky customers including the line rental

ring them and say your thinking of cancelling due to high cost - they should give you a deal - i got 3 months at half price for whole package - did this for 2 years:thumbsup:

ringing monday - tuesday is best as they only do so many specials a week - so i have been reliably informed by fellow hukders
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