Is anyone else having trouble with their sky box today, I cant receive any channels just says no satellite signal?


    works fine (in bournemouth)

    give them a call c what they say

    Snow on your dish? - Go throw some snowballs at it.

    its the snow its affected everything else lol


    sometime they just jam up as well unplug from the mains then plug in again and see if that helps

    That would be the snow then

    sNOw problem with my Sky ( Mansfield ).

    Either snow on your dish or the weather is affecting the reception.

    hey try rebooting the box if that doesnt work its probably the snow call sky and say you have already done a drp (digi reboot procedure) but im 100% sure its the weather

    Mine was on ok, then I noticed it was on that channel 999.. must have rebooted itself or something, so they might be having some issues. It's fine now though.

    Original Poster

    Thanx, did a reset works fine now



    Thanx, did a reset works fine now

    sweet a lot of the time its just a reboot needed
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