Found 30th Apr 2009
I have had sky for years registered in my name, we are moving house in a couple of months and I was wondering if I apply in my husbands name at our new address if we will get all the new customer benefits etc?

Any ideas?

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I don't see why not.

Worth a try anyway.
cant see why not its a new name at a new address
I reckon you should be able to.

Definately worth a try with all the new offers that the new customers get.

Don't forget to cancel your existing Sky giving them at least 30 days notice prior to you moving :thumbsup:
Yeah it will be fine! i have done it before, my parents ahve done it, also I think there are hundreds that have done on here for one of the deals, like 1/2 price for 12 months, or the crimbo 12 months sky plus family deal thing. I am sure loads of people just signed up in partners name in same address so you'll be fine
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Nice one, thanks guys!
yea it will be fine, i got them even though i used the same address and same bank acocunt number!! - just did it under a new name
you cna get free sky+ at the mo as well so make sure you get that
and if you hava a friend who has it tell them that they recommended you and you get some nice vouchers! (m+s i think?)
I tried that, as it was in my hubby's name at the old property and they wouldn't have any of it. I suppose if you have different sirnames it might make a difference.
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