Hi all,

My parents have sky and pay over the odd's for the channels that they receive, are there any deals currently doing the rounds or tactics for renegotiating the monthly cost?



give them a call to say you want it turned off because you can no longer afford it. sometimes they offer you a deal.i did it meself once before

yes, just ask to cancel but you must go through to cancellations dept, they will try their best to keep you. ask for their best deal, it depends what you want price reduction, cheaper package, free movies?. Say virgin media are offering a better deal! good luck

it might help, if you post your current price plan. members here can tell you what they got, after expert bargining!

What do you mean over the odds??????????

The price is fixed, £16 for the basic package and £1 for each extra mix up to £21 max. Unless they have premium channels.

I was paying £37 per month i had basic plus a few mix's plus movies which i hardly watched so i called them and said i wanted to cancel the movies, she told me it would be £21 per month if i did so, she then offered me the same deal i was on with the movies for £4 a month for 3 months so it would be £25 per month for next 3, i have agreed so am payin £25 until sept after which i will cancel, and i'm sure they will be calling me not long after offering me a similar promotion
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