Found 25th Jan 2007
Hi guys. Got the full sky package but to be honest its too much money. I watch a few programmes and my brother likes the sport but thats all we really need. Called sky and still looking at £30/month just for sports.

My question is, can you get sky sports on freeview??




you get sky sports news

No sky sports on freeview.....

Cancel your sky package - they are posting me regularly with 6 months 1/2 price... when thats up - cancel it agian.....

No they don't im afraid

Freeview channels:…pg/

Sky Digital Free To View (non-subscription) channels:…pg/

Sky Digital (subscription) channels:…pg/

Sky have been known to offer retention deals, ask to cancel saying you can't afford £30/month they should offer you £15/month for 6months or similar.

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Ok thanks for the help guys. Rep for all

bit off the point like, but is there anyway of getting out of the tv year contract???

i'm with ntl and its awefull!!! but got it last april so i've not had it a year yet. is there anyway of getting out of it and moving to sky

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Well as you're in contract it will probably be quite tricky but im just guessing. Sure someone can help you

i was tempted by the can't afford it approach, and unless you cancel you won't get any money?

not sure if it would work though

i was on full package (including SKY+ & HD), when i rang them up to downgrade to minimum, they offered me the whole package for £40 for another 6 months

hope this helps
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