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    Hi All,

    I am looking for advice. I am looking at moving into a new flat, the people who currently live there have signed a 12 month lease which I will be taking over. The problem is, is that they have already got themselves a BT line and separately a Sky package.

    They claim it will cost them £70 to cancel the BT line unless we take it over from them - although in my experience it is impossible to change the owner of the line without cancelling and starting a new contract. Is this true?

    Also they have a sky package, inc 5mb broadband but they say that costs them £50 a month, so I guess they have signed up for lots of sport and movie channels. Is it possible for them to pass ownership of this to myself and then can I reduce the package?

    Is it just best of me to tell them to cancel all packages when they move out (as they are heading half way round the world anyway) or will I be left to be chased by the bailiffs when the bills do not get paid.

    To be honest, we have free Orange broadband from a mobile contract anyway and a BT line on it's own is fairly cheap, plus freeview is more than sufficient.

    Can anyone offer any advice on what's best for me to do, carry on with their contracts or start afresh?




    I would tell thenm to cancel as its in ther name and they are leaving so therfore there responsability!! As you say you get free braodband and freeview is free and all you would have to pay is bt's line rental. Why pay £20 a month when you can get them free???

    Are they saying you have to take these packages on as part of the sale? Im a tad confused.

    Its up to them to cancel their own contracts and pay the remaining terms. If you are a new customer to BT you will have to be credit checked anyhow.

    I would tell them to cancel as you wont be needing the services, sounds to me that they want an easy option out of paying the remainder of sky/bt contracts.

    Original Poster

    I know it is their responsibility really, I just don't want them to disappear and then I get chased for the balance as I am the new tenant.

    Has anyone else had this issue before? I guess it would be up to BT and SKY to get the remaining balance out of them?

    BT would charge them for the remainder of their contract regardless of whether you take it over or not, so tell them to get rid of the lot of it.

    All you need to do with BT is ring em up and apply to take over the line (assuming you have a date) and they will then notice the line is running and send a start no stop letter to the current tennant, followed by a final bill if they dont get in touch from the original letter.

    Not sure how sky works tho, might be worth ringing up to ask what happens as if the current tennant doesnt remove the broadband you might have trouble getting it back on again even with another service provider as the line will show as already having broadband.
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