Sky and Freesat channels set up requirements

    Hi there people. I recently bought a Sky+HD Amstrad Box of here and was wondering what i actually require to watch TV programmes.

    I only have this box. Do not have a satellite dish but do not know what else i would require to pick up channels on this. E.g :- cables or other devices to get signal through to the Sky Box.

    If anyone can advise & how much the bits may cost would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Do you actually need HD? Because that box will not get Freesat HD, only Sky HD which requires a subscription from Sky. It's easier just to get Sky to supply and install everything.

    If you don't want HD then you can use that box as a normal Sky box (i.e. it won't record) by using a freesat-from-sky card (cost £25). You also need a Dish, LNB, cables and connectors. For a DIY install a satellite finder is also useful.

    If you don't have the necessary experience to install & align and dish you can get Sky supply and install everything. See:…aq/
    (scroll down to the question "Do I have to subscribe to Sky Digital to get Freesat from Sky?")

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