Sky and Quidco

    I noticed that through Quidco Sky are offering £125 cashback to new customers. Has anyone tried this out?
    Also i cancelled sky 5 months ago, can i open up a new account under my name (the last account was my wifes) and use different bank accounts or would they still catch me out due to the surname being the same?
    Also does anyone have any sky numbers i can call apart from the usual 0870 etc as i would like to use my mobile to call them (looking for an 01 number)
    Any help appreciated.


    not tried quidco but should work
    try this number 01506 831781
    taken from


    Original Poster

    I tried that number but it does'nt work now.

    Thanks anyway

    If you called them you would miss out on the quido??.

    I have got the £125, but have not been a customer for about 8 years, and never at this address...

    There maybe better deals anyway, free + box, recommend a friend £50.

    I think I remember seeing a free + box, and a free + box for a friend for a new subscriber recently

    Im just want sky installing because reception on freeview is ****.
    So i really want freesat on sky with the card for freesat. IE costs nothing per month
    How much is this from sky does anyone know? and can i still get £125 quidco cashback???
    Im a would be a new customer to sky.
    Or would it be cheaper to order from curries @ £60
    Any help would be appreciated
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