sky anytime+

    just a heads up for those interested in sky anytime plus

    I had my letter yesterday telling me that sky anytime+ is now available for me, a simple activation via the website and after forcing the HD box to do a software update i'm away. i must say i'm impressed with the new EPG features. i've got the box downloading an entire season of "ice road truckers" as a test. they say on the website that an engineer visit is free but it tried to charge me £40, but as its only a matter of plugging in an ethernet cable between the router and the HD box i went for the free self install option LOL


    Welcome to 2010

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    lol maybe so, but sky are only introducing it gradually. i pre-registered months ago but only yesterday was it available.

    Is it still just for sky broadband customers?

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    yep 'fraid so


    Is it still just for sky broadband customers?

    Yes just checked, Guess thats me out as I am happy with o2
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