SKY ANYTIME+ free for sky broadband customers

    Enjoy over 500 movies, ready to watch at a time that suits you. With Sky Movies 1 and 2 and Sky Broadband Unlimited, you can access hundreds of movies on demand.

    Sky Anytime+ lets you access a vast library of entertainment. Enjoy hundreds of hours of entertainment on demand with Sky Broadband Unlimited, & watch HD programmes in Showcase with the HD Pack.

    Enjoy Sky's library of TV on demand at no extra monthly cost to your Sky TV subscription. Your Sky TV subscription is reflected in your Sky Anytime+ viewing.

    The same great pause and rewind functions of Sky+ can be used with your Anytime+ programmes, along with special extra features


    Would really like this, shame you have to have Sky broadband to get it - i'm stuck in a contract with Talk Talk.:(

    Just like the normal sky anytime you can only view channels that you subscribe to as you can download the anytime + programmes to your box but if you don't already subscribe to the channel then it's scrambled.

    It's decent so far as their area few full series but so far it hasn't been updated much with new content over the last few weeks

    do you download via your box?... i dont really understand.
    im not particularly impressed with the normal anytime - all the channels are HD

    Sky anytime is counted towards the download limit so to get any use you really need the top broadband package.


    do you download via your box?... i dont really not … do you download via your box?... i dont really not particularly impressed with the normal anytime - all the channels are HD

    Yeah their is an Ethernet cable from your HD box straight into your sky router so you just press the record button then it will download the program to you box for instance currently the new series of stargate is on their so u just press record and will download to the box and gives you a prompt to say u can watch straight away or leave it for later. You will only receive HD channels on sky anytime + if you already pay the HD monthly subscription and also you can only watch programmes on channels that you currently receive even though anytime+ will let you download anything but won't let you watch it.

    Good pointer by "ungreat" is that you ideally need to be on sky's unlimited broadband package as some tv episodes are around 500mb each and movies are higher and will run through your download limits quickly


    How do you get Anytime + (ring them? Online etc)


    How do you get Anytime + (ring them? Online etc)

    if you've got a sky hd box, you just force a box update, i think the latest software update is and you'll have the sky anytime+ option in the menu.

    To force an update (

    1. Remove mains power from the set top box.

    2. Press and hold the "Backup" button on the top panel

    3. Restore mains power while keeping the "Backup" button pressed.

    3. Wait until you see a message on screen indicating that the software is being updated, you can now release the "Backup" button.

    4. The process will take around 10 minutes to complete, after which your set top box will reboot.

    5. You can check the software version by going to the system details page - the Model Number should read SYSF26.59.01

    (Press Services, Right arrow to Settings, Down arrow to Picture, Right arrow twice to Details)

    and activate here…ow/
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