SKY anytime + setup

    Anyone know how to setup sky anytime + to a pc to share the wireless funtion of the pc?

    lol is this even possible ?


    Don't think you can..can you? I have a wired connection for Anytime + , but there is an option for Sky to send you a wireless receiver.


    Ethernet cable from sky box into PC then bridge the connections in your network setup.

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    sounds great any help appreciated ,im on windows 7


    Why is your sky box next to your PC? I would just buy a wireless Ethernet adapter and plug that into the back of your sky box, you'll need to set it up on your PC first to connect to your router. They cost around £25-£30.

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    yeah was going to do something like that but was going to see if sky anytime+ was any good


    just run a long Ethernet cable to your router?
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