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I'm convinced that I bet £5 on the Total Runs of Pakistan Cricket Innings.

I bet when Pakistan had just lost 2 wickets at approx 125 runs. They went from 125/4 to 125/6 and had just had an umpire review overturned otherwise they were 125/7.

I saw a Sky Bet Market for Pakistan Runs Under/Over 150 Runs and bet a fiver that Pakistan would reach 150 runs @ 9/4 (Was hovering between 7/4 and 9/4).

Anyway they just reached over 150 runs (151/9) and Sky are convinced I bet on the Next Wicket market.

The Bet slip title states:

"Pakistan 2nd Innings Over 149.5 Runs @ 9/4"

Only if you open up Bet Details does it say:
"Net Away Wkt (2nd Innings) U/O 149.5"

But I am convinced I bet on Total Runs. Otherwise the Bet slip title would mention Wickets.

Sky live chat are having none of it. It's more a principled matter that I'm sure I am in the right and it never mentioned Next Wicket on the bet.



Mugs game. You never see a poor bookie.

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Mugs game. You never see a poor bookie.

True that Worse when you are convinced you are right - but obviously it's disappeared from the betting options so just my word against theirs At least it's just £5, I just feel wronged though.

Email them and explain the mix uk and that you want to close your account as a result of this.

Best realistic outcome I think would be they refund your stake...?
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