Sky + box

    I have Sky+ and it is also linked to another room.
    There was a large amount of wind tonight & Sky+ downstairs shut down & the upstairs was fine. Tried removing the power supply & taking out the card.
    I cannot remember the 'Reset' stages which you have to go through.
    Any help would be much appreciated.




    never heard of this happening

    i think it would be best to phone up sky

    all d best

    u have probably spent more time writing this thread, and looking for an answer than just simply turning it on and off again.

    on and off -easy to say but this doesnt work

    im facing a similar problem if any1 could help!

    My sky+ dies at the weekend, and i've got an engineer coming out today for free to fix or replace.
    1st phone sky tech department and they will try a software download, you have to hold down the back-up button for this. If that doesn't work, as was with my case, they told me i need to pay £65 for an engineer.
    Just threaten to cancel, you're then put through to customer retention - they offer 50% off - refuse this and you can have an engineer for free.
    In fact engineer has arrived whilst typing this and we're getting a new box :thumbsup:

    All I had to do was unplug it, then plug it back in while holding the 3 buttons that are in a vertical line (backup etc) until the 4 lights went red. Then leave it about 20 minutes and try to turn it on again - worked.

    If that doesnt work, try this site -…fee

    The reset is unplug, wait 5 mins, replug.

    If that does not work then likely it is your power supply (no power to box at all) or your HDD (power to box, will no come out of standby). These are the 2 components most likely to fail.
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