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    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I wanted to get Sky+ for my son for christmas but we already have one Sky+ box and Sky tell me that for a second box we have to pay the full price of £220. Does anyone know of any deals for a second Sky+ box. If I but one from Ebay how will I gt it fitted?

    Many thanks for your help.



    Ebay would be your best bet but you'll also need a quad LNB. This is easily fitted and you'll need to run a lead to whatever room you need the second box in.

    If you don't pay for a Multiroom subscription though, the recording facility on the second box won't work!

    If they have Sky +, they already have a quad LNB, so shouldn't need another...



    If they have Sky +, they already have a quad LNB, so shouldn't need … If they have Sky +, they already have a quad LNB, so shouldn't need another...

    Good point! :oops:

    you will already have a quad lmb if you have sky + already and I am related to a sky engineering company so I may be able to help you pointing you in the right direction to get it fitted, what area do you live in?

    they were doin the sky plus box in stockton one of those promotional things for 50 quid have you tried ringin them

    you need 2 cables running into your box
    i have sky multi room and was told if you plug sky + box in it will work but you caccot record as the second wire is for recording
    i also asked if i purchased a second hand box how much to install and they said they would not do it
    hope this helps

    I have just had a second sky+ box installed by SKY where both boxes will record, they were offering it as part of multiroom for just £50 and only £5 a month extra for Multiroom intead of the usual £10 . I had to be a Sky customer but only on the basic mixes not having Sky Movies or Sky sports for some reason. I got it through a SkY Stall in my local shopping Mall. I would

    We got our second sky+ box by doing the refer a friend promotion, not sure if its on at the moment but shouldnt be long before its back. Just refer someone and you both get a sky+ box
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