Sky Box.

    Eeeek!! I need to replace my existing Sky Box asap! I may have 'accidentally' allowed water to enter into the box, lol.

    What's the easiest / cheapest way to purchase the box?

    Can I buy any sky box and then enter the Sky viewing card?



    I think so - I'm sure when our one died, we just got another off fleabay

    Not sure if the same applied to sky plus or HD though

    well i would offer to sell you mine ....but....

    its better if you ring sky up - on the pretence of downgrading your package - or swapping your line rental to them
    (or the like )

    at the present time they are offering sky + boxes - installation for free - no monthly charge

    if they dont offer -- ask !!


    if you buy a 2nd hand one all you do is ring sky and pair the box to your viewing card

    Ring Sky Tell Them You Want To Cancel Because You Have Broke The Box And Cant Afford Another One They Will Probably Offer To Fix It If Not You Can Always Uncancel And Buy Box Worth A Shot
    Good Luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys.....I'll let you know how I get on!!

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    Could not buy one from Currys etc.... After going to Currys etc, I was advised they did not have standard boxes to sell to existing customers, and redirected me to Sky. So I had to purchase one through Sky! Ended up purchasing a Sky + Box! Dad is desperate for his Sky progs back, so could not buy from Flea-bay , damn it!!

    Thanks for your help guys.
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