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    I am an existing customer. Whats the best deal for a Sky+ Box?


    take a look at this thread ]http//ww…982

    all you need to know in there !!

    Just contacted them, said that I wanted to cancel because the prices had gone up and I had been offered a better offer by virgin.

    They asked what I was offered, I said the equivilent of sky+ for the same price.

    He said I could have a (new) sky+ box for £49 and would have to pay installation.

    I said that I was offered a free box from virgin. He went away and then came back and said that virgin charge for boxes. I said that, because I was changing from sky, they were offering me free box and installation.

    He went away again and then came back offering free (new) box, just pay installation. I said that this cost was putting me off as I wouldnt have it if I moved to virgin, so he went away again and then said I could have the (new) box and installation free of charge

    So we are getting sky+ installed on wednesday and its costing us nothing that we arent already paying! Didnt even call the 0870 number so saved on the call too!

    So call them and get it all free

    this ones easy- just say youre gonna leave unless they do something for you and they'll jump to give u the box to keep your custom. Be firm and polite and try a different rep if the first or even second isnt very helpful. Hope that helps

    Virgins V+ (their equivalent to Sky+) is one off £150 connection. See the bottom of each column here.…d=1

    Thankz this helped me to goin to ring soon.

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    What would I say? Just put me onto the cancellations dept, im being offered Virgin V+ service for less than Sky+?
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