Sky+ box and new SkyQ box?

    I recently joined Sky and had my tv, phone, and the internet all instead last week. When I took out the deal, it said I would get the Sky+HD box with my Variety TV bundle (£32 a month). However, a few days ago, I noticed that all Sky TV subscriptions now come with the Sky Q box (no longer giving out the Sky+HD box that I was given last week). I've had a look on-line and it says that I can upgrade to one, but it is saying:-

    Existing Sky+ customers wishing to upgrade to Sky Q 1TB box or Sky Q 2TB box without taking a Sky Q Multiscreen subscription: £199 standard set-up, please call 0800 151 2747 for further information and to upgrade.

    If I take out a multiscreen subscription, which I don't want, it would be:-

    Standard installation: Existing customers taking a Sky Q Multiscreen subscription: Sky Q 1TB box: up to £49; Sky Q 2TB box: up to £99. Prices discounted to £15 for Sky Q 1TB box or £60 for Sky Q 2TB for existing customers without a current Sky+ Multiscreen subscription.

    I don't understand why Sky installed the Sky+HD box last week when they were all being replaced by the Sky Q boxes?

    I got my package with the free 32" tv deal, and I have noticed that they are still giving away the tv with the new Sky Q boxes. As I have only had Sky installed for just over a week (haven't had my first bill taken out of my bank account yet), would I be able to get my Sky+HD box changed to a Sky Q one free of charge? Thank you.


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    Sorry, meant to say 'installed' last week, not 'instead'.

    Give them a phone and see what they say.

    If u have a 30 day cooling off period u could potentially use that

    You might still be in the cooling off period, so you might have a chance if you call soon

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    I might have to call them about this I think. I have another problem with the catch up tv service. Last night, my daughter tried to select a few programmes (documentaries) to watch - programmes that had been shown on Channel 5 and TLC - which are in the variety package. However, when trying to select them, via catch up, it said that she had to upgrade her services to watch the programmes. I thought that all programmes shown on these channels were free to watch in catch up?
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