Sky box connector troubles

    My mum is having trouble with her sky box, somehow it's fallen from where it used to sit and all of the cables have been ripped out from the back, she says that they've all gone back in ok apart from one which you have to screw in? i haven't got sky and don't know anything about it, a quick search on google didn't help much either does anyone here have any idea how to get the cable back in? i thought it was just like a normal coax cable that goes into the back of your TV, but she definitely says the connector is screwed in. Thought i'd ask in case any of you guys or gals had any experience of this!!


    I think it's called an 'f' connector, and its the one that carries the signal from the dish. It should screw onto a thread that sticks out of the back of the box.


    It's the "F" connector. She needs to unscrew it from the Sky box then thread it onto the co-ax cable that'll be bare and then screw it and the cable back into the Sky box.

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    thanks guys, perhaps the connector is broken, had a look on e-bay and they seem cheap, i best go and see it!!

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