Sky+ box installation question.

Ok, need some help / guidance / advice.

I've just had sky+HD installed and therefore have a spare sky+ box.

Another family member at another address has an antiquared video recorder and forever missing programmes etc.

If I get a dish and set it up at their house can I use the sky+ box to recieve FTA programmes (they only really watch BBC and ITV)as this would give them the chance to series link all their programmes whilst using the HDD to record the programmes to instead of tape.

I have obviously put my sky card in my HD box but have read that you can buy another card (maybe £20 one off payment) and use that.

They do not want sky so will not pay for the complete package.

Has anyone actually done anything similar to this as I have googled it and found lots of conflicting replies as to whether it is possible.

Thanks for any help.


yes you can receive programmes but can only record if htey have a subscription to sky

I really don't think Sky+ works without a subscription mate.

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