Sky+ box keeps recording

My Sky+ box carries on recording after the programme has finished. Its mainly late night programmes this happens on. Anyone any ideas whats going on with it please????



theres a setting in there somewhere where you can choose how long after the show to record for incase the programme runs late so you dont miss the end of it

EDIT: you can manually set it, or set it to auto

same happened here

deleted all records for a bit..will try again!

Hi - this was happening to me too. I called Sky and they took me through a process (via the secret menu) to reset my Sky+ planner. This seemed to have done the trick, so no more messing around was needed.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for that will give a try

to get secret menu press services then press 0 then 1 then select go to planner rebuild press select will defrag your system might help

The other problem that can cause a fault like this and also problems with channels dissapearing, snow, grainy pictures and channels freezing is the actual power supply in the sky box
It's a known fault with sky, if you contact them they will either send you a replacement box, or if it's out of warrenty try and charge you £65 to check it then tell you it's out of warrenty and you need a new box
however there is another option, buy a replacement power supply and fit it yourself,
]check here…htm
scroll down to where it says Thomson HD and Sky+ power supply
it's only £30 for a replacement and I fitted mine myself it was dead easy.
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