sky box not responding to remote

Posted 22nd Apr 2010

its working with tv, i can turn tv on standby and use the volume control but cannot change channel or go into tv guide.

Ive turned skybox off then on again but its made no diffrence.

I have an irritated 5 year old who i promised he could watch tv when he got home from school and now i cant get onto his recordings!

its a sky+ hd box if it makes any diffrence

Please help
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Press the "sky" button at the top of the remote.
might sound stupid, but have you tried pressing the sky button before trying to change the channel?
oh come on!!! im not that dumb! hehe

its also not recording countdown either so my geek of a husband isnt going to be best impressed either
I got a new Sky HD put in couple of weeks back and remote just stopped working after few days. Called them up and received new one today
hmmm might be a coincidence but mine has been playing up the past few days aswell
ah i fixed it, just took viewing card out switched it off at wall turned it back on and pit viewing card back in.

wonder how it didnt fix when i flicked the electric switch before.

oh well im now a sky engineer aswell as a a cook, a housekeeper, a parent, a teacher, a referee, a nanny, a nurse, a handy woman, a maid, security, and a comforter.
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