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Posted 29th Nov 2014
My Partner and I recently noticed her Sky Bill for this month was much higher than normal £34.95 to be exact.

We looked at the breakdown of her bill online and It listed 5 Adult Movies being Purchased on the Account all on the 26th October minutes between each other all on seperate channels.
26 Oct 23:56
26 Oct 23:51
26 Oct 23:50
26 Oct 23:43
26 Oct 23:41

Me & My Partner have never used the Box Office ever throughout her Sky Contract and this is an obvious error and naturally you'd expect Sky to notice that being the purchase Date and within those minutes of each other.

I spoke to a Chat agent and demanded to speak to a Manager about the situation. She informed me that these Purchases were 100% Made on our Box and that they were all purchased on that Date but were not Wacthed at those times. There would be no way of an Error ever happening or ever have been recorded on their part apparently and that there would be no way in proving that It wasn't us. We were shocked and outraged by this. I explained many times that we've never rented or watched anything on the Box like that but they simply said there was nothing we could do and we would be forced to pay those Charges. They told me there wouldn't be any way of being to appeal this and I wanted to Ask the HUKD Community on advice on how we can go about the charges.

Has anyone else ever had this before through Sky? Have there been any other Recorded Incidents like this? We're out of Contract now and are waiting till the 8th Dec when we can fully cancel everything as the Internet finishes on the 8th Jan.

I know she would never do such a thing she's more self conious on money than me, And I for one wouldn't ever pay money to watch porn when It's available on the Internet Free eveywhere.
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Contact Head Office and make a complaint.
How is your sky box connected to the router?
best to write to the daily mail with your story get the photographers round and put on a really glum face whilst your pic is taken and then sky will reverse the charges once you made front page news !!!!
"I for one wouldn't ever pay money to watch porn" Wow, this is a stand up guy

"when It's available on the Internet Free eveywhere" Ah, no. He faps like everyone else

May have more luck going here to make a complaint.

Are there definitely no third parties that knowno the pin that could have ordered them? A teenage son maybe haha?
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If you do send them an email, may be worth running spell check over it before sending......

If you do send them an email, may be worth running spell check over it … If you do send them an email, may be worth running spell check over it before sending......

Come on give the guy a break. It's quite difficult to type with the wrong hand.

2 mins of porn is enough for anyone!


If you do send them an email, may be worth running spell check over it … If you do send them an email, may be worth running spell check over it before sending......

Says the person who can't put a proper sentence together....
So were the films any good?
Need to give us more information. Any other people in the house? Were you both in on the said night? Remote control keys sticking since 26th October?

Sounds like your other half has been caught out good and proper
You have your viewings pin protected? However, it's all very well saying you don't give the pin out but you know children watch what you do, they don't need to be told, so then say you got sky multi room and you have a older child, it be them likely.I mean at gone 11pm I would def know where I be in the house, I rarely go to bed before midnight so have a think back what you were doing back then.
I really don't think they would just appear on the bill, someone as been watching it...
Marky264, have you resolved the issue with SKY adult content?
I have exactly the same situation. 5 orders one by one in same date.

30 Aug 22:31
30 Aug 22:27
30 Aug 22:25
30 Aug 22:22
30 Aug 22:18
quick question ... do you have children (young adults) in the house who may know the PIN and were curious??
That time I was 100% the only one at home.
And because this services are PIN protected, SKY refuses any help.
I asked if they can check any logs from device to see login attempts or something, but they can’t.
I’m just wondering if skybox could be hacked that time.
The same thing has just happened to me. Five pay per night @ £6.99 within minutes of each other.
My partner (aged 70) has been a sky customer for 8 years paying by direct debit and NEVER receiving a paper bill . Last month he changed his package so I set up for him to check his bills on My Sky . What a shock ! For the past year he has been charged £34.95 per month for sky box office between 10 and 11 at night . He has no idea what his PIN number is , we are the only people in the house and are in bed by 10 . When I rang Sky to query this they said there was nothing they could do as the purchases had definitely been made . Their word against ours , we definitely did not make them but cannot prove it . Total cost for nothing last year £400 !!!!!!!!
"The sky's the limit"
I have checked my bill this month and have also found i have been charged £34.95 for pay per night which i assume are adult channels,all ordered within a few minutes of each other, we have definately not ordered them, fuming, trying to get through to sky now.
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