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Found 6th Nov 2009
I currently have a standard sky box but it is not connected to the phone line (never has been). However, i would like to order something from box office tomorrow - no guesses as to what ;o)
Can i order it via phoning SKY direct or online, or do i need to buy a long phone extension?
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you can phone for it, you need your card number.
i think you get charged an extra £1 ,when you phone:thumbsup:
Try ordering it via your box, see what happens. The card used to allow upto £15 credit before needing to dial home
i never had my box connected up to the phone line and had bother ordering from the box office. The girl told me it was a term and condition to have ur phone connected to I had to run an extension.

Mind u its made life easier now for ordering via box office
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