Sky box output on additional tv?

    I noticed a thread on here a few weeks/months back but I cannot find it for the life of me.

    When I had sky installed a couple years ago we had two wires from the dish meaning that what was on Sky downstairs also fed into the tv upstairs. Eventually we upgraded to HD downstairs and moved the sky + box into the bedroom for multiroom, so there was no need for the wire to be fed into to the upstairs tv.

    Now we want to move the wire into a third bedroom so we can watch whatever is on downstairs in the 3rd room's tv, however there is no output.

    I'm 100% certain the thread I read on here a few months back mentioned something about having to do something on the Sky menu to allow it to show a picture on an additional tv without the use of a box in that room. As we've upgraded the downstairs box I presume we'll need to do something to the HD box to allow us to view?

    If anyone can find the thread or advise of what we need to do to the menu I will be eternally grateful.



    In the system set up go to rf outputs........turn on rf 2 output press select and bobs your uncle
    or "services" then press "System Set Up" then press "O" then press "1" then press "select".......this will open the engineers menu.........then go to "RF Outputs"........

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    Cheers, will give it a try and let you know.

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    Nice one, it worked. Rep added.

    Just curious, why would you do that if your unable to change the channels from upstairs in the 3rd room? What if you wanted to watch something else, that would mean you going downstairs and changing the channels then going back up again right?

    Or is just becasue you want to watch whatever everyone else is watching downstairs with no intention to change the channels?

    I was thinking about doing the same but would you need a really long rf cable? doesnt that mean running calbes around the room, up the stair case, into the bedroom?

    Yes,you have to use a rf cable between both rooms,if you want to change channels from the bedroom then you need a "magic eye".......cost around £3 on ebay..........or buy a video sender with remote sender for around £40........

    The normal cable procedure would be thru the bedroom wall behind the television and then to the digibox thru the original sky cable entry point in the lounge............of couse the real answer is,run a new cable from the skydish to the 3rd bedroom,buy a freesat box from argos for £ card needed,no video sender,no magic eye,no problemo
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