Sky + Box repair or replace ?

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Found 25th Feb 2011
Advice needed, I have an Old white faulty sky + box, have spoken to the retention department that have offered a new HD + Box for free free install and no need for the HD subscription as I don't have a HD TV but need to commit to a new 12 month contract, or I can have a free repair with 90 day warranty question is. Do they replace with a the same white Sky + reburb or a refurbed HD + or a new HD box ?

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If you get a HD box off them they will replace with a HD box its like for like

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Thanks deanos, they cover the new box HD box for 12 months, Just checking what people got if they opted for the repair option.

although they dont do the white sky + boxes new anymore,you would get a refurb sky + box. best bet new sky + hd, got the sky + hd free few weeks back. although the epg is not a nice as the sky + epg, it has some nice touches to it and also has a bigger hard drive.

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Thanks Boabbyrab

How does one contact the retention department

Google saynoto0870 and type in sky look for a freephone number or use their 0844 number and follow the instructions for cancellations/retentions and these folks can give the best deals
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