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sky box to stop receving software updates upgrade to sky q for free

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    Must admit I thought they were phasing out Sky Q (still have HD+ box)
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    They are. They're winding down satellite services and wanting customers to switch to Stream.

    The satellite contracts run until 2028 or 2029 after which there may not be a satellite to provide transmissions.
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    Sky q box is pretty awful compared to sky hd box
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    It’s far better. 
  3. _-Richie-_'s avatar
    Sky arn't being kind here, they're just getting ahead of the curve for new laws, one that just came into law and another coming - More info on the UK Govt website Secure by design
    The other is from the UK Parliament Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021 (edited)
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    I have had the same box for many years and have stored many recordings (some of my family) which are no longer available.
    If I change or my box fails most of these recordings are lost forever as Sky CLAIM they cannot be copied to another device!
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    We currently use 2x2tb boxes.
    Q is offering us 1 TB between us!
    This is a BIG step backwards!
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    I haven't had Sky for a while but I hate the Q box. So overblown compared to the Sky+ HD boxes.

    With this push towards streaming everything I can see them trying to phase out recording all together just so they can deliver even more advertising.

    The Q box that I had/have is still sitting in the cupboard as well. My Sky contract ended a long time ago and they haven't bothered to send me anything to return the box.
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    I agree with all you say Bud!
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    We received this message too.

    Does anyone know if going for this, Sky put you on a new contract?

    I would contact Sky to ask but know, from previous experience, their staff are prone to lying.
  7. cis_groupie's avatar
    Free to install, but you still have to pay the monthly fee for Sky Q (currently £10 I think)
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