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    Unable to get into my Sky e mail - again. This has happened several times in last few months. I log in but it won't go further then the E mails and Tools page. I urgently need some infor and have been trying for nearly an hour.
    Do others continually have problems and do you complain?
    I've tried complaining in the past and it seems a waste of time.
    Beginning to wonder if the Sky package is worth it!


    Seemed to be some issues since Friday. Only way to get into your E-mails when it's like that is to setup a mail client

    Original Poster

    What's a "mail client"?

    I haven't been able to get a Sky email, let alone be able to log into one since I got SkyBB - thankfully I use my other BB for my mail emails and work so it doesn't matter that much to me, but still a bit frustrating when I lose my mail email when I can't get my mail BB working at any time.
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