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    Just wandering if anyone out there has got the free sky broadband yet. I'm with telewest at the moment (blueyonder) and must admit they are pretty good and have no complaints at all BUT i am currently paying £17.99 a month for 2mb and the same is free with Sky Broadband

    Out of interest i have already phone telewest about cancelling my phone/broadband and digital tv package regards to any notice period (which is 30 days) They never tried to keep me or anything, they just asked me if i wanted to cancel there and then:-(


    I read reviews cos I was thinking of moving over but I had read bad things so decided not to bother. One person cancelled with telewest and really regrets it.

    where did you read the reviews ?

    I am with Telewest, and I have asked for info about Sky Broadband. It's not in my area yet, but I suppose you can always try out the Sky one for a while, whilst still paying for Telewest, and make the decision later, whether to cancel or not.

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    Fella at work has it and he has had know problems at all. I believe there is about a month waiting time once register with them, so watch this space
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