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Found 28th Sep 2006
Has anyone got Sky Broadband? I'm interested in it as you get a free wireless router and the costs don't appear to be unreasonable - the only thing is that I'd have to sign up to Sky TV to get it!

What do people think? I really want wireless internet and NTL don't cover my area.

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Aol just gave me a free wireless router and a £9.99 a month deal when I complained about paying too much..I previously was on a £19.99 deal.

For new customers AOL have a £14.99 deal that includes a wireless router...whether this is negotiable I don't know?...it's really a case of whether the Sky monthly premium will be of value...it wouldn't be for me because I get all my TV requirements from freeview.

Best of luck with your search.
Just pick up a fairly cheap wireless router from PC World and get a cheap broadband package. I've got a great deal with Virgin.net at the moment. I bought a contract SIM card off them for £15 a month with 300 minutes and 300 texts and they give me 8mbps broadband for free... not a bad deal at all.
thats pretty good ! is it 12month or 18 month tie ?

i found with Virgin Bband that my connection would drop very frequently.

I have opted to go with Sky for 16mbps for £10 a month reducing the cost of current tiscali line from £15 at 2mbps whilst offering me potentially 8 times faster line I will have to wait and see what its like when it goes live on the 17th
[SIZE=2]There is no specified contract length, although I believe if you do wish to leave in the first year they may charge you £50 for their setup package (modem & filters & connection). take a look at virgin.net/fre…and .... at least I think thats the site[/SIZE]
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