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Not sure what forum to put this in!!! :?

Am about to sign up for Sky Broadband Max - £10 a month for 16mb and you also get a free Wireless Router.

I will be putting on it a Laptop (non Wi Fi), Desktop (non Wi Fi) and also a Wii (with Wi Fi).

In addition to what Sky will send me, what will I need to connect the computers to the router?

Also, what range would be on the router? I think it will be downstairs in the hall, with the Wii in the Front room, and both computers upstairs - will this be OK?


If you're planning on not using wifi with the laptop and desktop then it means you are going to have to wire them up. You will need an RJ-45 cable (Ethernet) also known as a standard network cable. Therefore this means you're going to have to trail the wires from your router upto the computers which doesnt make sense.

You're better off (Seeing as the Wii is wireless) placing the router upstairs assuming you have telephone connection there.

Otherwise, go out and buy a wifi adapter for your laptop and desktop. They're really not that expensive anymore. About £20 maybe even less.

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Otherwise, go out and buy a wifi adapter for your laptop and desktop. … Otherwise, go out and buy a wifi adapter for your laptop and desktop. They're really not that expensive anymore. About £20 maybe even less.

Do these usually plug into the USB?? Think I'll opt for that option!



Do these usually plug into the USB?? Think I'll opt for that … Do these usually plug into the USB?? Think I'll opt for that option!Thanks.

Yes NatD, you will need 2 Wireless USB Adapters. Range of the routers can vary an awful lot of things including thickness of your walls etc so it's impossible to say. They can only quote ranges based on line of sight. Buy yourself a couple of decent USB Adapters should help minimise these risks.

Something like this is ok as you have a small amount of movement for the aerial: ]http//ww…523

If you struggled with reception on these you would need to upgrade the aerials on the wireless router or the entire device. Hope this helps.

I dont know if this post it's of any help but I have just switched to SKY Broadband after a few years of being with Tiscali.

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first as I did not know how if the service was going to be reliable but I now find it an all round winner.

I save £5 a month in subscription and increased the speed, (and I will eventually downgrade - speed will still be faster than Tiscali but Broadband will be FREE)
Got a free Wireless Router and Free Installation (as I am never confident in playing with electrical stuff - but can cook excellent lasagna :thumbsup: )

I have a Desktop in my loft conversion and a laptop with a wireless connection. The router was installed upstairs (in the loft) and I found no problems whatsoever connecting my Laptop anywhere in the house) As soon as I switched the laptop on it found the connection and also for security reasons (from anyone hacking into your connection) you need to secure the connection on your laptop with your SKY no. and password no. which you will be given (it's on a credit card size type piece of paper)

With the Broadband Download disk you get a free 1 year Mc Afee Security Suite (which I much prefer to Norton) and so I uninstalled Norton on my laptop and added this on it so now I have bot PC's with free 1 year Security Suite :thumbsup:

Good luck!

I'm watching this with interest and that last post has really helped as we are on Tiscali and over the past few weeks have been considering Sky broadband. My mind is now pretty much made up, we already have our own netgear wireless router this won't be a problem with the sky connection will it?

I am not very thechnical but I dont think that it will effect it however there is one important reason why you should use the SKY router provided (if you are going for that package) which is that if you need any support and have a piece of equipment which belongs to a third party they will not be able to assist you with any technical support (may fear would be that they would blame your router for anything and everything that may go wrong - tocuh wood it wotn but you must minimize risks)
if you are getting the top package it's piece of mind knowing that they are installing it and it WILL work hassle free, and remember that installation is free as well.
Then if you dont need your other router you can flog it on Ebay! :thumbsup:

No it won't matter, you either use the existing Netgear router or the one provided by Sky. Like BikeBarbie said, either sell the other one or keep it as a spare.

Also worth mentioning is the Sky one will come pre-secured - is your existing router secured or open to any Joe Bloggs?

You can't just use any router with Sky Broadband, Sky use the MAC code of the router as thier logon so you'd have to spoof the MAC code of the SKY
supplied router wuth your chosen router


Not exactly right.

Sky just don't tell you your username and password for to connect with. It's already built into the router.

But it's a 30second job getting the info from your router, then you can use whatever you want.

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BikeBarbie - do you get and wireless USB connectors / cards with the router???

now you are asking too many questions :giggle:
(only joking) no it's not wireless and you dont get a card

lots of help regarding sky bb here -…rt/
helped me loads (and in getting my username and password from the router :whistling: )

there was a lot of issues with sky bb at first but i think they have evend out now - just dont assume you are going to get the speeds they tell you!

check your distance from the nearest exchange first! i cant moan though , i now get 3 times the speed as i was getting before at less than half the price.

Can you use P2P downloading (bittorrents), internet gaming etc without having a download limit. Also is there a fair usage policy as I use about 60GB a month?

If you go for the Max package (10 per month) there is no limits

[size="5"]Sky Broadband Packages[/size]

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I have read that there is a fair usage policy on the Max package, what this is though I don't know!!!!

Is the router Blue Tooth or Wifi (is there a difference??). I am just a little confused as to what I will physically need to connect my computers. I am hoping to have the router close enough to my Desktop that I can use Ethernet, so will just need a card / dongle (???) for the laptop.

I am not aware of any FUP, i reckon i download min of 40gb a month - havent heard anything from them yet.

This is the router you will get.

Basically it is the Netgear D834GT which has been locked with SKY firmware (as i have mentioned there are ways of getting your details). It is a wireless router so you will need to make sure your laptop/pc is wireless enabled if you want to use this facility.
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