Sky Broadband-Any good.?

    Nearly finished 1year contract with Tiscali- would like to move to Sky as i will get a better deal than what i am paying now.
    Anyone use it and can recommend it ?


    i use it at home and dont have any problems but i am not a high user at home.:-D

    Of the 8 people I know who have it, only 1 person has NOT had trouble with it.........

    Both myself and 3 members of my family have skybroadband for over a year and none of us have had any technical problems with the service. I connect at 8Mbps with no drop outs and I get very good speeds at all times.

    On the other hand, customer services are utter **** so you have to accept the poor service for the cheap broadband. :roll:

    O2/Be have cheap but fast broadband

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    well i pay tiscali £19.99 for and free anytime phone calls per month.

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    well i pay tiscali £19.99 for and free anytime phone calls per month.
    I pay sky £17 per month-for only 2 mixes -if i went to sky it would cost around £3-4 per month more for same as Tiscali and 6 mixes and movies.

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    Well for some reason tonight -i cant edit my messages to delete the duplicate part post on here and i cant download my emails either -bloody Tiscali i suppose !

    I've had no problems at all since I binned that cr*ppy Netgear router that they gave me free.

    It's all been plane sailing since then!

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

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    I have a Linksys router and that works fine .

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    hardly anyone on here got sky broadband then?
    Whats everyone recommend please?

    I have Sky BB. Moved from tiscali

    One Word


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    What ? Sky is worse than Tiscali !?
    No hope left then !!!!!


    I have Sky BB. Moved from tiscaliOne WordRUBBISH.

    Thanks for quantifying the service offered by Sky Broadband. I'm sure all your input about speed/reliability/contention/equipment/customer service will help everyone to make an informed decision. :whistling:

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    I just wondered if there was a lot of dropped connections - tiscali every so often give me a problem retrieving my emails !? Their customer service is absolutely terrible anyway -at least sky customer services are not all foreign - they always say they dont understand if they cant help at Tiscali!

    Catwoman, I think i'm the resident Sky Broadband fan on here, and i've been responsible for converting a few members too. The broadband service offered by Sky is the best i've ever had from an ISP including Wanadoo, Tiscali and Virgin - however it is not without it's problems: as already mentioned the customer service is not the best and there have been some major outages at our local exchange, but other than that it's been rock-solid full speed no contantion, no capping, no packet shaping etc etc.

    When it's good, -it's very good. When it's bad just remember that it's very cheap (either free, a fiver or a tenner a month). If you can get Sky's LLU service and there's space left at your exchange, i'd say to go for it- i would hesitate if you can only get Connect @ £17 a month as this is re-badged BT broadband.

    If you want further info, have a look over at ] - it's a support site not affiliated with Sky - there are lots of very helpful bods on there who can help get the most from your connection (on any ISP) -there are alos many horror stories too - but remember Sky have recently celebrated 1 million broadband subscribers in little over a year - so there are bound to be some teething problems.

    It's worth doing some technical homework too - you say you are on tiscali at present, but is this via a standard BT line or has tiscali LLU'd your exchange? - If you are on a standard BT line then moving to an LLU service such as Sky's will usually result in a significant speed increase.

    Like I said have a looksie at Skyuser - it's a very useful site.

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    Thanks for the information (have repped you for that).
    Will have a look at the wesite later .
    I pay BT line rental as Tiscali wasn''t covering this area last time i ask (out in the sticks) ,so its B.Band on a BT line . Tiscali i just pay for the BBand and free phone calls anytime . Then i pay Sky for the TV (2 mixes £17).

    Had Sky BB for about 8 months now - had problems to begin with as the router was broke and then the line kept disconnecting and being really laggy in games (CS). Phoned up and they sorted it by limiting the line to 4MB (was connecting around 5-6MB) which seemed to do the job (more stable). Since then never had a problem.

    I'm on the unlimited upto 16MB plan - download atleast 40GB a week and never had any problems, slowdowns or emails.

    edit: In the old ILKESTON exchange - even tho its old, it works brilliant!


    Thanks for quantifying the service offered by Sky Broadband. I'm sure … Thanks for quantifying the service offered by Sky Broadband. I'm sure all your input about speed/reliability/contention/equipment/customer service will help everyone to make an informed decision. :whistling:


    Let me clear those up


    good thing I didnt move to sky BB. This, on the surface, looks like a good offer.

    I pay £5 a month of 8Mbps (which I connect at) and my connection hasn't dropped for about 10 weeks (and that was because I turned the router off).

    I have no problem with any of the technical aspects, only the customer service.

    I think a lot of people have problems because they have issues in their homes with dodgy sockets, old wiring etc and c/s can't spot these. They therefore rate sky broadband as "rubbish". Incidentally, if you have the ring wire still attached in the master socket, remove it and you'll find your broadband because a lot more stable and can give you greater speeds.

    For a price between free and a tenner a month, you can't have that many complaints.

    I also pay £5 for the 8Mbps service in reality I receive about half of that (given our distance from the exchange). I got it when it was first available in our area and it was somewhat flaky, but the last 6 months it has been exemplary and I am extremely happy with the service.

    all the people i know with sky have no problem either but i wanted everything seperate so chose a different provider.

    I have Sky BB, as does my sister...

    Only problems we had were with the supplied Netgear Router (poor signal throughout the house).

    Once that was changed (you have to mess around to get the username/password), had no problems since (and my PC upstairs is constantly online and downloading/uploading).
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