Sky broadband deals

    Hi all. Does anyone have any sky broadband deals.

    I wanted fibre, but I can't get it at the moment. I've tried getting a better deal talking to the adviser on chat and the best they could do is £20 per month.


    Try use GETSKY50 to get 50% off

    check carphone wharehouse, they sorted me out and under cut sky directly

    Do you have to log into your account to get on chat ? I have looked on sky site can't find it anywhere

    What does the £20 a month include?

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    What does the £20 a month include?

    ​line rental and basic broadband.


    ​line rental and basic broadband.

    ​I'm looking at my broadband and the basic bb package is currently £18.99 a month online plus through tcb they have £70 off so works out around £13.16 a month if you get the cash back


    Try use GETSKY50 to get 50% off

    does that work on TV & telecom

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