Sky broadband help

    Hi all, i have just been asked by my bro in law if anyone could give some information about his sky broadband,

    the problem is when he tries to go on the internet it wont let him unless hes on the phone

    His router is on and is flashing a amber light,

    Has any1 ever come across this themselves?? I will have a little more info in a min if needed.



    You must have dsl filters on every phone outlet with equipment connected … You must have dsl filters on every phone outlet with equipment connected on the line. This means phones, analogue modems, answering machines, faxes and the sky tv box must have a filter as well as the one to your dsl router. If this is the case, try disconnecting each filter with its' equipment and see if this stops the problem. If not, swap one of them for the one on the router, and leave the other one out. If none of this works, it is probably a line fault, report it so sky

    Taken from google search about flashing amber light
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for that, i had a look meself but cudnt find anything, and he is completley useless, haha, told him about this and he said sky had give him instructions to do that and it didnt work, therefore, he just guna report yet another fault, to them. thanks alot.
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