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Weve just had sky broadband installed and its all fine and dandy but when i go to pick up the phone theres massive static on the line its really noisey i tried switiching the microfilter boxes around but this dosent work should these be on all the boxes ? they sent me 3 weve got the router plugged in , 3 phones and the sky box all going connected together is this too much and how can i get rid of the static ! thanks in advance for any help !


we are on bt so may not be the same but we need a microfilter on every single socket so that may be the problem-try unplugging one phone and having the 3 supplied filters on every socket in use and see if that solves it

Try here ]Skyuser

Try pulling the phone line out of the Sky Receiver, see if that cures it.;-)

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Which sky reciver you mean the TV box ?

You need a filter plugged into every IN USE SOCKET (be it a phone plugged or a fax or a set top box) you don't need a filter in extension sockets with nothing plugged in. The exception being if you have a dedicated ADSL faceplate. Did you have any bother with your previous provider? or is ADSL new to your premises?

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we were with virgin before which is fibre optic so less hassle. ADSL is defo new to us ive tried the micro filters but no joy
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