SKY broadband keeps dropping connection

Posted 2nd Feb 2017Available: National
Hi all

Having issues with my sky broadband connection. The connection keeps dropping out every say 15 mins or so for a period of 10-20 seconds. This happens on both wifi on phones and also when using a powerline adapter on a pc.

We have a 34mb fibre connection and have recently moved address. This problem happened at the old address and the only thing the same at both addresses is we are using the same sky sr102 hub.

I rang sky recently and they did tests and said everything fine, but they sent out a new filter to install which I have done but that's made no difference. Problem I have is the issue happens say once or twice an hour so I can't ring sky and get them to replicate the problem as it's hit and miss.

Anyone know what the issue is here? I'm thinking it's to do with the router but after reading online other people say a new router doesn't resolve the issue.

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