Sky Broadband Problem

    Hi all, been connected to sky bb now for 2 days, have got their new netgear router (black)

    problem I am having is, turn it on. takes about 5 mins to sync up, then the net dont work. Then I have to reboot it again. After 5 mins it works

    Is this cos my line is still settling?

    Or is there an issue / common problem?

    thanks for help!


    maybe, did u just get dsl?, know about microfilters and how every device attached to line needs one? incl skybox/fax etc.
    bit more info needed i think

    it could take up to a week for your internet to start working properly especially if you have wirless

    it may be intermitent at first but dont worry 4 or 5 days and everything will be perfect !!

    it is a common problem in certain places especially if you are far away from the exchange !!!
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