sky broadband problem

    just wondered if anyone can help having some probs with my broadband with sky i connect using wifi but the connection keeps dropping and reconnecting.but while its doing this im able to play xbox with no probs online.we used to have bt wireless router and never had any probs for years.any thoughts why?



    Is the Xbox connected via wifi or ethernet?

    What device are you using to connect to the wifi?

    Can you connect your device using an ethernet connection?

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    xbox is wifi connected
    not sure im using the correct terms here but the laptop is connected wirelessly to the {sky}sagem router
    it does connect using ethernet cable.
    as im typing now its not playing up well about 15 mins now,which is why its annoying its intermitent a for a few hours we couldnt get on at all then connecting disconnecting now seems ok
    well for now far we have altered signal strength and changed micro filters.


    Micro filters wouldn't affect your connection to the router, only your connection to the internet from the router.

    Wireless signal can be affected by external sources, wireless land line phones, the microwave being turned on or a wireless alarm system. Placing the router behind/near metal or dense objects can affect the signal spread.

    Your next door neighbour maybe using the same wifi channel

    type into your web browser…tml

    then change the channel to something else.
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    aha .you may have something there,the xbox is upstairs has no probs and when we use the laptop upstairs i cant recall having the connection dropping.we have no wireless phones upstairs only downstairs and we sit right near that.thankyou lumor.

    I had similar problem with sky's sagem box, My built in wifi kept losing connection, So What I did was buy a wifi dongle and that works perfect never lost connection yet...!!!.

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    nearly 2 hours online.yippee. cheers lumor:D

    I changed my change the wifi channel with no luck, Sometimes it stayed connected a few hours, Sometimes only seconds.

    Hope it works for you.
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