Sky broadband problems

    Why do sky hate me so much! after spending hrs sorting out my sky bill for the last 2 months thanks to them forgetting to add the best buy offer now they are screwing up my internet.
    Basicly after talking to there support they dont know why this is happening. My interent connection seems to be slowing down by the day were currently connected at:
    DownStream Connection Speed 384
    UpStream Connection Speed 246

    And the highest its got is upto 700k which out of the 4.5meg were ment to be able to get.

    Anyone got any ideas how to speed it up? ive tried changing cables etc.. but nothing works! im just getting annoyed im paying for how slow it is.


    Its not probably something at your end more likely Sky or local exchange. I had a similar problem with an ISP and it seems they had put the wrong profile on the line, this was solved by asking for the line to be retrained.

    However to start troubleshooting at your end pick up the phone, dont dial, just listen for crackles, hissing etc. If you can here those then you might have a line fault.

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    well they said there wasn't a problem with there end but who knows if he wasn't lieing. theres a little crackling but not much ill pop out and buy a new microfilter and see if that does anything.


    Remove the bell wire from your master socket

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    ill try that but some douche (rented house) has put some stupid plastic bit over the front and nailed it in.

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    sorted sky said there was a problem (bless english 2nd line support) and a bt man is coming out 2moz to sort it.
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