Sky Broadband replacement router question?

Found 21st Jul 2014
Ok all those knowledgeable folk here

Just had my Dad on teh phone for tech support for the elderly - but this one I am not sure about

Old boy on retirement park has Sky BB plus TV - router has died

He called Sky and Sky told him because he does not have theri "insurance" and the router is over 12 months old he has to pay £70 for a service call.

So old bot goes pout and buys new router from PCW (yes tehy did not ask about this bit first) and now low and behold it does not work

Now I know that certainly in days gone by Sky routers were kind of locked and it was a faff to get the login details extracted from the router.

So my question are these

1. Are Sky just trying it on with the £70 call out? Or is this Sky policy

2. If this si Sky policy then do they still lock you into havinga Sky Router with embedded details?

3. If a Sky user is not required to have a Sky supplied router then will Sky supply all of the settings required to set up a third paty router

thanks in advance for any tips / knowledge

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Yes it is Sky's policy to charge for a service call but if you call to cancel the broadband contract because the router is faulty they will offer you a service call at half price, if you have been a Sky customer for some time they will do it for free. It depends how far you want to push it.
If you check the internet for good broadband deals, quote this deal on the phone and state they are giving you a free router you may find they will reduce the monthly cost as well as getting a free service call.
if you google your router and sky it will tell you how to obtain the details from your router.
I think it is against Sky's T&C's to use third party routers but doubt they would do anything as long as you keep paying.
Just contact cancellations on behalf of your dad and ask your dad for the sky password for dpa - then your dad wont have stress of dealing with them and you can get put through to cancellations and tell them the only reason you are CONSIDERING cancelling everything dtv, telco and bbi is due to being forced to use the sky modem/router and it being faulty so you cant get the service you ARE already paying for and will not accept being charged for equipment that you are forced to use as other ISPs don't do this.

*Be careful not to demand they cancel all services as these days sky are muppets and will just cancel if you tell them to (that is if they aren't too busy rifling through dead peoples suitcases).

Oh, and good luck!

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Im suprised they trying to charge you for a call out. Dont pay it.
The basic router they provide probably isnt even worth £10, ask them to replace without a charge as your not willing to pay for broadband which they cannot provide
Plenty of tutorials on skyuser.co.uk to set up any third-party router. It's just a case of getting your ADSL username and password and entering them into the web administration page of the new router.

I've done this successfully with both the older F@ST2504 router and the new SR102 router.

To be honest the Sky routers are so poor they're an insult to customers so I'd recommend changing it.
i was 'sold' to sky by the scumbags O2...
I am out of contract, and its on a 30 day rolling....
My router died only a couple months ago - and they sent me a new one. No mention of call out charges, or charges for a new router.

If your dad is out of contract - go through the cancellations process.... i dare say he's paying a lot of money for his services and its good to change -

try U switch - just input your postcode and it will give you a few deals from different suppliers

Don't be fobbed off with the first person you speak to at Sky... and please be persistent.
Ensure you get your name added as an authority on your dads sky account too, and you wont have to fanny around with getting your dad to confirm DPA.

thanks all

will read and digest answers and feedback to Dad

Hi all

thanks for teh good info

Dad's friend called Sky again and told them their attitude / service was not acceptable and he was considering taking his business elsewhere

result - sky are sending out a new router FOC by next day delivery !!!

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